The G-star brand in China

G-star brand in China offers several types of clothing such as tee-shirt, pants, and more. In the Chinese market it also begins to be worn by many people thanks to the promotion in the social media and kol.

The G-star brand in China offers us various garments, accessories and shoes for men and also for women.

The brand G-star was founded in 1989 in Holland, the brand quickly established itself as a flagship brand in the fashion world. It is a brand that spreads since there are many technologies of the same name. Precision marketing has placed this company that is 20 years old in a sublime place that is singled out by the alliance of the authenticity of the experimental. Jos Van Tiburg created the brand in 1989 in collaboration with a company called Secon Group which is a Dutch fashion actor, a denim line named after Gap Star. The creator of the brand is not a seasoned businessman but it presents a niche that is to be exploited in all markets such as the Benelux market for example. He does not think to make an explosion of his export business that will make use of the name « Gab Star » a problem relate to the brand name already proposed by the big firms. But this was set up as same and the brand The Gab will be thrown but the brand that will take its place will be the brand G-star. In 1996, the G-star brand in China had nobility thanks to its line of denim « Raw » which is the authenticity. The design of this line was then loaded by Pierre Morisset. With a style that is avant-garde, a combination that is subtle and also eccentric of the traditional and experimental, which characterizes the mask until today.

The good brands of jeans in China

The importance of a value of about 4 billion euros in 2014 with an increase compared to 2013. The jeans market in china is the basic unavoidable of the clothing market. After a study published in July 2015, about 500 million pants were sold in Europe in 2014 that was a record for such a population. Even after a decline in clothing consumption in China since 2007, the jeans market in China has seen the value of its imports e 10 years. The number of imported parts doubled between 2004 and 2014. Import growth is supported by a rise in prices that are reasonable. The price of jeans in 2004 until 2014 is differentiated by 2 euros. China as we all know is the fashion factory in several fields and even more in the field of textile and clothing The marketing agency in china offers web marketing services. The agency aims to help foreign companies get to know the Chinese public.

The jeans market in China these days is really more numerous than ever, with many brand like G-star and other. There is for example the market of jeans in china which is a covered market mainly clothes which is spread over three large buildings of several floors and also other buildings next door. There is also a jeans market in china that is successor to the market to the needs of Xiang Yang Market, these markets are markets that are covered on several floors that are located on Nanjing Xi Lu. Clothing, accessories, suitcases, DVDs, Paintings, etc.